Red Tail Hawk Material List

List of Required Materials for Red Tail Hawk

• Backpack packed with water bottle, lunch box, sunscreen, sun or warm hat, rain or snowgear (splash or snow pants and jacket or one piece), change of socks - preferably wool). (Camelbak has a junior sized backpack with water bladder and built in whistle that is a great design for hiking, but a larger bag would also be a requirement in this case. Camelbak bags are available at Kamikaze in Collingwood).

• Extra layers and clothes should be left at school for dry clothing options.

• Indoor shoes (or slippers), and outdoor shoes appropriate for weather conditions of the day(running shoes, hiking boots, rain or snow boots are all suitable options. Shoes that cover toes are strongly recommended).

• Weather Appropriate Outdoor Clothing - students should be dressed in layers everyday of the program including a waterproof outer layer, a base layer - avoid cotton if at all possible for this layer, a shirt or sweater layer, long pants, and again, wool socks or ski socks are highly recommended. (MEC has a good selection of appropriate outdoor clothing for kids, as does Columbia Kids.)

• Optional items include personal nature reference guides and a compass. Please leave personal toys at home as they are not appropriate for the program and may get lost in the woods!

• Show and Tell items may be brought from home to share and could include finds from nature, travel artifacts, and books!  

Materials that will be provided include

• Safety whistles

• Clipboards

• Paper, notebooks, sketchbooks, pencils, erasers, rulers, etc.

• Nature Detective Kits - including a net, magnifying glass, notebook, and sketching materials.

• Nature reference guides and program resources will be kept on site no.1