Update - April 3rd 2017

Hello All,

Welcome back to RTH after our spring break!  We have been excited to return to more spring-like weather, and busy making many discoveries upon our return!  This week students started their day with community circles to share highlights from their spring breaks, nature surprises they have recently seen, and other bits of exciting news.  Each morning began with a hike to look for nature surprises and signs of spring!  Some groups added these signs to our new blackboard wall in the classroom.  Nature surprises this week included seagulls, trout, and a coyote!  There is never a dull moment at Forest School!

This week we also had a focus on maple syrup production.  We shared a story and information on how maple syrup is made.  We also identified a sugar maple tree on sight, and related this information back to our experiance at Duntroon Highlands in the Sugar Bush. This was also related to wildlife commonly seen this time of the year and environmental signs of springs of spring during syrup production.

The life cycle of trout and information on their spawning cycle were also shared this week.  This is a concept that we review when we are able to see the cycle in action each spring and fall.  Most groups hiked down to the Silver Creek to try and spot trout.  It's always really exciting when we spot one!  Students also spent time connecting to this special place and noting the changes in the environment over time.

Art creations continued at RTH this week!  Clay creations, nature name masks, and water colour paintings were all highlights in the art department this week.

We welcomed back Lily of the Valley for Music in the Woods this week!  Students enjoyed their time singing, jamming, and warming up with Lily's dynamic music games.  

The mud kitchen reopened this week!  This was a major highlight!  Thank you to all who sent extra changes of clothes, mitts, and footwear.  These are essential this time of the year!  This coming week Tamarack will be working with us to devise a gardening plan including a plan for cold crops.  We will be incorporating more of a farm and garden focus here at RTH with Tamarack's guidance! We are thrilled about this next adventure and look forward to having Tamarack here with us more often!

This week we will miss Cardinal as she has her knee replacement surgery.  We are all thinking of her and wish her a speedy recovery.  We look forward to when she can rejoin us at RTH.  Thank you Cardinal we appreciate all of the things that you do for us here!

With the return of the warmer weather, we have returned to our sit spot routine.  This week each group had a chance to do sit spots, discuss their importance, and reflect on their experience at Forest School. This core routine will be incorporated each day at RTH.  We also continue to focus on respect for ourselves, each other, and the environment.  Sit spots offers an excellent opportunity to reflect on these concepts as well.  

Take care and welcome back to the spring terms here at RTH!