Update - April 24th 2017

Hello All,

Happy Belated Earth Day!  Students have been celebrating our Earth and the gifts of spring in many ways over the past couple of weeks.  We have been tending to our trails, the garden, and reflecting on our 'special places' where students feel most connected with the Earth.  We will continue to care for our Environment and our 'special places' every day at Forest School!

Students have been 'down in the dirt' prepping our garden boxes and planting cold crops - all cold crops are in!  Each group helped to turn and amend the soil.  We learned proper planting techniques and discussed energy systems in the garden.  The roles of consumer, producers, and decomposers will continue to be a focus in the garden and forest over the next few weeks.  Stories of the day and research have featured animals and insects in the garden.  

Groups began to hunt and learn about 'The Fungus Among Us".  We have reviewed our safety rule of only touching fungus with a stick, and students have been excited to learn about how important mushrooms are for the forest and their role in supporting root systems.  The health and sustainability of our forests is dependent on mushrooms!  We will continue our fungus focus over the next few weeks.

Shelter building and repair has been a major focus entering into the months of spring.  Students have been happy building, revising designs, and learning to build fires as another means to keep warm in the damp cool weather.  

We have noticed many changes taking place in and around the pond.  Students have been monitoring the pond for signs of life.  We have listened for the spring peepers and are excited to spot them as they emerge from the dirt! Groups have enjoyed pond walks, art, stories, and sit spots all by the pond.  Pond study will be a focus in May.

Our bird studies have continued.  Students have made nests using materials we have observed birds to use in their own nests.  We have also researched about what birds use for their nests, and older groups extended their investigations on individual birds.  Older groups also measured out the length of birds they have focussed on and took this into consideration while creating their nests.  We have been listening to and observing many spring birds during our time outside.  

Each day we have incorporated our sit-spot routine.  Often yoga and deep breathing have been included in this routine.  Sit-spots or 'magic-spots' is an important time in our day to quietly reflect and continue to grow connections with the earth.  More and more students request this special time of the day.  

Take care and we will continue to update you with exciting happenings at RTH!