Update - February 6th 2017

Hello All,

  We have had great fun enjoying the return of winter here at RTH over the past few weeks!  We have unpacked our snowshoes and sleds, and have hit the trails to enjoy the seasonal conditions that have come our way!  That being said, students on Thursday gave a cheer for Wiarton Willie when predicted an early spring.  We spent some time learning about groundhogs and looking at pictures of them.

  Stories of the day this week continued to focus on snow.  Younger groups enjoyed Jean Little's, One Snowy Night.  Older groups enjoyed the story of, and amazing illustrations of the aboriginal legend, The Blizzard Robe.  We have continued to share stories together during storytelling as a part of our aboriginal learnings.  This will continue storytelling  throughout the winter months.

  Our research focus this week was on warm and cold blooded animals.  We shared information on  how each classification of animals stays warm and survives during the winter.  Each student then selected an animal to individually research.  Students recorded sketches and information about their animals in their journals.  Older students modelled plasticine art projects after their animals. Younger students created winter scenes with snowmen for this activity.  Both groups reviewed Barbara Reid's techniques for creating illustrations with plasticine and applied these to this art activity.  

  Tuesday and Friday groups enjoyed Music in the Woods with Lilly of the Valley this week!  Lilly had a variety of Valentine songs and games to share!  She will continue to share these this week on Thursday when she is here.

  Students continue to gravitate to the Red Pine Forest for shelter building and play.  Many groups also hiked down the ridge to explore the river trail on snowshoes, and notice the changes along the way.  Sledding continued to be a highlight in the afternoon!  Each group ended their day with yoga and reflection time.  

  This week we will travel to Duntroon Highlands for ski, snowshoe, and sled electives!  Please remember drop off and pick up are at Duntroon, and to bring your child's sled and helmet.  We look forward to this opportunity!  

  Take care,