October Update


How we give thanks at Red Tailed Hawk


Time spent amongst trees is never wasted. 


We give thanks at Red Tailed Hawk every school day!  Part what we all believe in at Forest School is giving thanks for nature's gifts each day.  Students wander through the forest and look for what they see, hear, smell and discover.  Activities as simple as spotting a nature surprise bring so much joy to our students and allows them to understand and respect the beauty of life and creation.  


When we stop and look around, we realize that where we are is pretty amazing. 


This past week we had added celebrations for thanksgiving with harvesting garden vegetables that our students planted in the spring as well as apples and pears growing on the property. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to watch our students feel the gratification out of harvesting their own crops.  So much pride goes into the process of harvesting and growing. When RTH students experience the harvest, they feel part of the growing and creation process.  It is very nice to witness their pride. 


Older groups of students, aka the Bears, prepared and cooked harvest soup on the fire, while younger groups, the Cubs cooked applesauce.  Both were extreme culinary hits! 

RTH teachers told stories of thanksgiving while students enjoyed their bounty around the ring of Fire. There were many special moments and memories made throughout this experience. 


Last week our art program focused on creating gratitude trees with materials collected while hiking by the Bears.  Ask your child to explain what a gratitude tree is.  This activity was very uplifting for all of us.  


The Cubs painted gratitude trees while teachers recorded what students were most grateful for. 


Students completed making their journals and began their first entries on what they are most thankful for. 


I give thanks to experience all of the learning and development opportunities that we do every day at RTH, especially being so close to nature while we go. 



Red Tailed Hawk