Update - January 14th 2017

Hello All,

  Welcome back after the holidays!  We had an amazing first week back at RTH!  We focussed on snow and weather patterns this week, and experienced some spectacular weather events throughout the week!  

  Students had many highlights and stories to share at check-in each morning.  We had a record number of thumbs up!  After some time catching up, most groups got into sketching, learning, and labelling animal tracks.  Next it was time to hit the trail as nature detectives!  We observed and identified many tracks on our trails and made inferences as to where the animals were headed and what they were doing.  Younger groups completed Winter Scavenger Hunts together.  We identified many nature surprises as everything looked so much different since our last trip into the forest!

This week we learned a few new games.  The Sleeping Bear was a big hit!  We also returned to some old favourites including The Fox and the Geese and Kick the Can.  

Some time was spent repairing forts and getting into imaginative play in the pine trees.  Overall, our structures have stood up remarkably well!

During the afternoon older students got into a new animal trivia game called Noses.  This was a fun and interactive way to learn about our nature name animals!  We will continue to build on this game as we learn!  Younger students learned about these animals as well.  

Students were asked, 'what is snow?'.  Their responses were recorded and used to create a Winter Book about Snow.  Students began to illustrate our story with pictures of their favourite snow activities.  

Wednesday and Friday groups began novel studies on Little House in the Big Woods.  We are asking students in these groups to please bring in shoe boxes as a part of an art project for our novel study.  

Sledding was another highlight this week!  Our berm was very snow pack and as fast as ever this week!  

Each group participated in a hike this week.  Wednesdays group actually had to hike down to the lower field for pick up because of the ice!  Students had great fun exploring and playing with the ice in the field at the end of the day!

Our new learning topics will continue into this week.  We also plan to focus on winter birds.  

March Break dates include March 13 to March 24th.

We look forward to another great upcoming week at RTH!

Take care,