Weekly Update - December 4th 2016

Hello All,

  It was another action packed week at RTH!  A big thank you must go out to Tamarack, Lichen, and Black Bird who covered the start of the week while I travelled back from Forest School in Ottawa.  Students enjoyed nature art, scavenger hunts, and new discoveries with our staff this week!  

  In training at Forest School, we focussed on the importance of play-based learning, incorporating Aboriginal learning, and storytelling at Forest School.  Story telling is an important part of sharing Aboriginal perspectives and a tradition many First Nations people embrace in the winter months.  Steps have been made to establish a relationship with an Elder at Red-tailed Hawk in the new year.  Students are currently focussing on respect, listening, and storytelling as we prepare to embrace these new relationships.  

  This week we had a visitor from Headwaters Academy.  She thoroughly enjoyed her tour here, and gathered many ideas to incorporate in Headwaters curriculum.  The founder of the school is scheduled to visit in December, we look forward to this visit as well!  

  Students listened with great respect to an aboriginal stories from Keepers of the Earth this week.  Themes included maintaining peace and gifts from the earth.  Older students began working on their own stories to tell.  Some groups gathered around our peace fire to tell stories of their own.  Next week we will begin our unit on fire starting.  

  Students got the chance to observe progress made on our new classroom this week.  Some groups began sanding and painting new loose parts our builder friends gathered for us, (wooden building blocks).  The framing of our classroom is complete and dry wall will go up next, we are all very excited!

  Lilly of the Valley continued to teach and practise Christmas song this week.  We invite all families to come and participate in our signing of carols in the forest on Friday, December 23rd in the afternoon.  A start time will be announced as soon as possible.

  We are continuing to collect newspaper this week, both for fire building and for sit-upons.  There are also still a few rain suit and blanket orders to be picked up at Christies Clothing.  

  Take care and we look forward to another early winter week this coming week at RTH!