Weekly Update - December 17th 2016

Hello All,

  Students at RTH embraced the snow this week!  Each day we stared with a snow story, then geared up for a snowshoe together!  Many groups read Eve Bunting's, The Night Tree.  It is a story  about a special tree in the forest that a family decorates with edible gifts for the forest animals on Christmas.  Most groups made bird feeders to place on our special trees when we ventured outside.  Groups also enjoyed following and identifying tracks in the snow.  The nature detectives were hard at work to discover which animals made the tracks, and where they led to!

  On Wednesday, Dennis joined us to kick off fire starting.  Dennis is a retired scout leader and outdoor enthusiast!  He had many tricks up his sleeve to share and managed to light a fire with the help of the students in the most challenging weather possible!  Fire starting will continue with groups over the term.  We look forward to Dennis rejoining us in the spring for wood-working!  

  Students completed several Christmas crafts and activities to learn about December Holidays around the world when we took a break from the harsh weather this week.  Groups made gingerbread play dough, paper lanterns, and fragrant orange ornaments.  We also mapped countries that we read about using a globe, wrote cards, worked on a graph / coding activity, and completed information sheets.  

  We ended each day this week with sledding on the berm!  This was a major highlight of the week!  Students had great fun sledding and creating new tacks with each other.  We also enjoyed a few games of The Fox and the Geese after making first tracks in the snow!  Students are welcome to bring sleds from home during the winter months.

  We invite all families to join us for Carolling in the Woods led by Lily of the Valley on Friday at 1:30.  We look forward to this event as we celebrate the start to our Holiday Season together!  

  Take care,