Weekly Update - December 11th 2016

Hello All,

We at RTH have welcomed the snow and this beautiful winter weather!  This begins another chapter for us and we embrace new discoveries and adventures!


We have continued our focus on story telling as we share Aboriginal learning at RTH.  We have also incorporated some snow stories and animals of the day.  Older students were asked a question of the day as well.  It was, ‘what is sustainability?’  Students were also asked, ‘what is respect?’  Ask your child to share their ideas.


Students could hardly wait to get out in the snow each morning!  Favourite activities included, fort building, nature detectives with tracks, and sliding on the snow.  Students remained active and warm throughout the week thanks to all of the additional layers and changes of socks and mittens!  A huge thank you to all families for packing all of this essential gear!


We had a guest join us on Wednesday to discuss our fire building unit.  Teachings and activities will be shared with all groups.  Our guest was a retired Scout Leader who has great experience with camping, building, woodworking, and outdoor adventures.  He will join us again this week to kick off the unit. 


During the afternoons, students hiked or snowshoed to gather materials for our Christmas Nature Crafts.  All creations turned out beautifully and students felt very proud after gathering and assembling their masterpieces!


Additional snowshoes have been ordered to make up a class set, however, in the meantime, students are welcome to bring their own snowshoes.  All are welcome to bring sleds to RTH during the winter months as well. 


Students continued to record stores and journal entries this week.  Aboriginal information from Forest School Canada was included.  Younger students listened to the story of Crumbfest and discussed how this is the time of year when the outside comes in, and the inside comes out!  We will focus on Festivals of Lights around the world this coming week at FS!


We welcome all to join us on Friday, December 23rd at 1:30 for Carolling in the Forest with Lilly of the Valley!  Students have been working hard to showcase their musical talents!


Take care,