Weekly Update - November 4th 2016

Hello All,  Happy November!  The students really embraced welcoming the month that can throw at us some of the most challenging weath

er!  ‘November-shmovemer’ say the RTH students, bring it on!  Fortunately we had some beautiful weather days this week!

  We started each day in the garden!  Students worked to pull produce, weed, and turn soil in preparation for planting garlic!  Tamarack worked with the preschoolers to teach us garlic planting techniques, and we shared this with all other students this week so that  each student was able to plant a seed of garlic!  Next week we will focus on decomposition (with our left over pumpkins), and insulation as we blanket the garlic with straw.  

  Story telling was also a focus this week as students came excited with many stories to share about their experiences on Halloween!  We hiked in to the trees to share some pretty spooky stuff!  It was cool to sit around our ring of logs and exchange fun stories about Halloween! 

  Lilly of the Valley lead amazing music sessions again this week! She had an action packed class on Wednesday, and hiked in for Music in the Woods on Thursday!  Monday, Tuesday, and Friday groups enjoyed hands on nature art classes!  

  During the afternoon, all groups hiked down to our river trail, to meet Rebecca from the Blue Mountain Watershed Trust!  Rebecca was an amazing resource and brought a variety of tools for us to use as she guided us through a very informative stream study!  A huge thank you goes out to Rebecca!  Students were thrilled to find scuds, mayfly larvae, stoneflies, a crayfish, and much more!  Rebecca had excellent techniques to share on how to discover and identify life in the river.  She also spent time to discuss river health and how to continue to care for our lakes, rivers, and streams.  Ask your child what they can do to continue to protect life in the water?  

  After our time with Rebecca, we hiked back up, and students enjoyed reading information on the salmon run that Rebecca shared, consolidating our learning through journal writing, and sketching what we observed in the river.  

  This summed up another amazing week at RTH!   We look forward to the next!  Please remember we are continuing to collect materials to make our journals.  We are also continuing to collect t.u.f.f.o orders.

  Take care,