Weekly Update - November 19th 2016

This week proved to be another busy one at RTH!  Students enjoyed the unseasonable weather, and soaked up as much sun as they could this week!  

  Groups did not venture too far as it was also the tail end of deer hunting season.  As a result we played more whole group games on our open grass area.  We returned to some favourites, but also learned a new favourite called the Heron and the Otters.  Groups who did not get a chance to play will be introduced to this predator / prey game this coming week!  

  As there was not as much scheduled this week we took the chance to really focus on our sit spots or ‘magic spots’ routine.  This quiet reflection time is so valuable and important at a busy forest school.  Staff are really staring to see the benefits of students connecting to nearby nature this way.  

  Journal making and writing continued to be a focus of the week!  This will continue until all students have a handmade journal book.  

  Stories of the day were all aboriginal teachings.  Older students began story telling and recording their own legends to explain mysteries in nature.  This was a very enjoyable experience for all!  Some groups began aboriginal inspired art work, and this will continue throughout the coming weeks.

  Lily of the Valley returned this week, and we were all so happy to see her and enjoy her music classes!  Her husband also joined us to revamp our climber with additional climbing rocks and a more gradual slide.  Our new climber was also a popular activity this week!

  Rain suit and blanket orders will be submitted to Christie’s clothing this week.  Please place any outstanding orders directly through their store.  

  We will be starting nature name medallions this coming week.  We also plan to create our own sit-upons, but are in need of extra newspaper.  Newspaper donations are welcome over the next few weeks!  Thank you in advance!  

  With the cold weather coming, we plan to insulate the garlic we planted in the garden and will be noting the changes in our environments as the temperatures shift!  

  Take care and thank you for your continued support of RTH!