Weekly Update - September 30th 2016

Hello all,

It was another exciting week at RTH!  Pond study was definitely a highlight. Our days were filled with lots of active exploration, nature surprises, and teachable moments. Each morning began with our sharing circle in which most students confirmed their nature names. We're working towards identifying with our individual nature names. Next week we will begin to document our journey on our journey sticks. Thank you to Turkey Vulture's family for donating the paint that will be used for this and many other purposes. We really appreciate it!  Next week we will also focus on Thanksgiving and incorporating that into Aboriginal teachings. 

This week our stories of the day all focused on life in the pond. Most groups enjoyed learning about the life cycle of a frog through literature. Older students got into research about wetland animals and insects. Ask your child what they learned about their favourite pond creature!  

We also enjoyed many hikes through the forest where signs of September surrounded us. Many groups requested shelter building, so that's what we did!  Even the pre-schoolers built structures to protect fairies and the toad we discovered as our nature surprise. 

In the afternoons we launched into pond studies. It was amazing to see the diversity of species living in the pond. Some groups saw more frogs than others and we investigated why the presence of frogs was related to the weather. Students took on the roll of nature detectives to investigate and identity the creatures we captured in our pond study bins. Since every day there were different insects and animals, ask your child which ones they learned about. Pond study was followed up by journal writing to help consolidate learning, document through art, and identity what we found. We will repeat pond study in the spring to notice the changes through the seasons. 

Lilly of the Valley joined us for music on Tuesday and Friday of this week. Music was a great success as always. The groups on Wednesday and Thursday can look forward to music next week. 

We ended our days with community circles to reflect on our days and share our learning. 

Thank you everyone for supporting another amazing week at RTH.