Weekly Update - September 23rd 2016



Hello All,
It was a fabulous second week at RTH, and a first week for some!  I am currently traveling but want to make sure that everyone is updated with our week in review and important information for next week!  I will try my best to forward pictures from the week while on the road, but if they do not come through, I will resend them ASAP.  (We are traveling to the cottage with little reception.)
I will start with some important information for next week... Next week we are going to focus on pond study.  Students are all required to bring life jacket in order to participate in activities happening pond side.  If you do not have a life jacket that fits your child, please reach out to other friends in the program who may have one that fits. We can share in this way, but parents will not be participating in pond study activities that are up close, if they do not have a life jacket on.  Thank you for your support on this important safety rule.
Please submit all three forms filled in and complete at drop off this coming week.  Students may not be able to participate if forms are incomplete. This is for the safety of your child, and for insurance purposes.  The media release form must also be complete with up to date email addresses. The information on this form will be used for a variety of communication purposes including generating a parent contact list, so it is important that this form is also complete.
If your child is going to be absent from the program, please text me the night before as notification. If there is an illness or otherwise the morning of, please send a text ASAP. This is the fastest easiest way to reach me.  My cell number is 705-351-2726, it is listed on the website for your ease of use. Thank you!

Housekeeping notes aside, let's get on with the fun-filled learning that happened this week! Each morning we continued to review our new routines and establish our boundaries. As such, once drummed in, we met in a sharing circle to check in and get started. There were many thumbs up this past week, with a smattering of sideways thumbs, and a few ones that started down. Our students were able to support each other to get all thumbs up, or sideways at least, by the end of the day.  Way to go students! We also focused on clothing and safety check.  Thank you all for continuing to pack the additional layers, changes of shoes, and hats that have been required to keep students dry and comfortable. Our staff have been impressed by how prepared students are!

All groups have started their day with a morning hike. Here we have been looking for signs of September, nature surprises, and participating in a variety of nature detective activities.  Puffballs were a big focus this week, and have helped us to reinforce the rule of never tasting anything at Forest School without a teacher's permission. That being said, we have been enjoying apples from our favourite tree with teacher's permission.
After our warm up hike we get started with our story of the day.  Ask your child which story they heard? We have also been researching local woodland animals, and linking qualities back to nature names.  This process has been very interesting!

For journals students have focused on the fish forest cycle that we witnessed firsthand last week!! We have introduced more detailed research about the Silver Creek and exactly what is happening with the Chinook Salmon right now! This information has been incorporated into the Salmon Life cycles students have created.

Our afternoons have been very active incorporating additional hikes, cooperative games, phys-Ed classes, and free play.  After all of this, we have been in need of quiet reflection, so magic spots has also been a focus this week.  Ask your child to describe their magic spot, and what they noticed!

We have ended our days with free choices.  Students have had great fun bonding together in the wonderful September weather.  We are very much looking forward to working together to explore the pond next week!

Thank you all for your continued support! RTH has been a soaring success so far!