Weekly Update - October 22nd 2016

Hello All,

Another amazing week at RTH has gone by! We started our week with a marvellous Monday, that ended with a wicked storm! The preschoolers and staff were amazing as the 3 year olds followed safety instructions perfectly and staff utilized our indoor space to keep students warm, dry, and safe from harm.  Monday's storm served as a good reminder to everyone to be prepared for extreme weather, and this was a focus of discussion with all groups who followed the preschoolers on Monday.  We are very fortunate the storm had minimal impact on our sight, and posed few safety hazards that we're all cleared before groups attended throughout the week.  You should see Red-tail Hawk with a chainsaw - self taught!

We continued to focus on why leaves change colour this week to reinforce these concepts.  Our stories of the day of the day focussed on changes in the garden through the seasons - Up in the Garden, Down in the Dirt, an aboriginal legend - How Grandmother Spider stole the Sun, and fall conditions - The Ghost Eye Tree! All stories were related back to signs of the season, and why leaves change colour.  Many groups hiked to collect beautiful leaves and turn them into leaf monster creations! Cardinal joined us most days for autumn art activities including water colour painting, blind contour drawings of pumpkins, and collages.  She has picked up some clay for us, so expect sculpting to follow - thank you Cardinal!

Older groups sought out shelter building.  We worked together, staff and students, to inspect shelters after the storm.  Revisions were made and reinforcements were added based on problem solving processes.  Students have done an amazing job on maintaining their structures!  

Lilly of the Valley joined us on Tuesday and Thursday this week.  She brought Halloween songs and games to us, that students thoroughly enjoyed! Next week we plan to follow Lilly's lead and have a Halloween theme.  Students are welcome come dressed in parts of Halloween costumes that are likely not to get lost or broken! Alternatively, they can dress in black, orange, and or purple.  There is a possibility that we will all be able to travel to Curries' pumpkin patch each day at the end of the day this week (still confirming). If this is a go, we will need all students dropped off with boosters in the morning. We will also need as many parent volunteers as possible to pick up at 2:00 and carpool to Curries Market for our visit.  We will also need all parents to pick up at regular time at Curries - 3:15 unless you have arranged for aftercare (in which case pick up will be at RTH). I will follow up with a confirmation email if this is a go!  Seed garlic has been purchased from Curries and Greentree and students will all be planting it in our RTH garden boxes this week! Tamarack has extensive experience planting garlic and she will be teaching us her tips on Monday to start off the week! 

Another local partnership has popped up this week!  All RTH families will have the opportunity to order t.u.f.f.o. picnic blankets and muddy buddy full piece rain suits at a special RTH rate! T.u.f.f.o. is products are manufactured locally and the orders will be going through Christies Clothing - a huge thank you to Christies for this opportunity!  We plan to do one order in the fall, and another in the spring. Expect your order form soon!

Next week we plan to begin assembling our journal books - parents we need your help on this one! We are asking for donations of cardboard cut 9 x 12 inches.  We also need donations of fabric cut to the same size.  This will allow us to make our own sustainable journals that pages can be added to! No waste! This is where all of our journal entries will be recorded and they will be sent as a keepsake at the end of the year. 

We ended our days at RTH with wonder time - many students got into building obstacle courses with loose parts, making creations in our mud kitchen, climbing, exploring, and inventing games! Thank you for another amazing week!

Take care,